Based upon our recent experiences, the projects we undertake will not necessarily be wrapped up in a volume of capital expenditure items for qualified organizations, but will accentuate and highlight what we can do with our gifting to develop a greater cohesion between interested parties. Our city and region has been relentlessly torn asunder through political fragmentation, competitive spirit among churches, arrogance from those who have to those who have nothing, and a certain apathy that settles over people when they come to live in this beautiful part of the world.


Our job has increasingly become to find ingenuous ways to bring people into a place of trust and to actively market the positive growth transformation that is becoming a reality here. This year will see that increase incrementally as we maintain the current course and gain new levels of confidence in the process.


We keep an eye open at all times for ways to team up organizations with need to companies, churches and other resources. Hopefully, this will result in a higher degree of support for the work we are doing and will therefore allow us to be a good faith conduit from the backline of resources to the coalface of services into the community.


We will also find space on this web site to keep supporters abreast of developments regularly and part of this dynamic is the work that LIFE Community Services is doing which we actively support each month from the Foundation. Please see what they are doing at: I know you will be heartily blessed and recognize that our support is money well-spent. In that regards, Happy Feet has been an extremely effective LIFE intervention in the community (full-time pre-school and creche')  with a vision to increase to other areas, but need a premises for expansion. Please agree with us that we can raise $12,000 for a house quickly, giving impetus to the growth being experienced.


I want you to also stand with us in prayer and whatever support you can give as we endeavor this year to release new small enterprises and address the growing orphan problem. We are cooperating with quasi-government groups and local visionary entrepreneurs in this venture and are believing that hundreds of young people will be affected by this adventure which will also result in support for a couple of good faith coal-face community projects.