A few years ago, a local artist and sculptor was stretching his imagination and the sculpting you see next to this picture is of the most mind-developing artistry this world has ever seen. 15 of these were commissioned to be made, and one local businessman in George paid the sculptor Dirk van Wyk to have this made with a view to making it available for auctioning, the proceeds of which will go to LIFE Community Serviceswww.lifecommunity.co.za.
The sculpting represented here was the second of the fifteen, and while it was being made with such infinitesimal care and detail, the artist fell ill, and a couple of years ago was buried after passing away from several months of suffering from cancer. Through the suffering he persevered, and what you see is the meticulous care that went into this masterpiece even while he was ill.
An appeal is going out to support LIFE through this sculpting, and the value of this we know to be quite elevated. Any offers can be sent at our contact details on this web site, and there is definitely a reserve price which we want to realize on this touching and inspired creation.