Well, we keep setting new records and recently, there were JUST ON 200 people hitting this site all at the same time, and we want to commend all the people who have been attracted to our site trusting that there will be much blessing, comfort and stimulation provided by your visit. Our webmaster made some adjustments and people from all over the world began to, figuratively speaking, jump on the site.


I also want to say that the drought is over from South America and we are getting daily visitors from all over that vast continent. All I can say is thanks for everyone making this happen and please keep encouraging your friends and relatives to get on over here.Keep telling your friends in the 10/40 window to keep checking in on our site. There is so much new content and my commitment is to keep the site as fresh as is physically possible.


There are exciting new developments coming about for the Foundation and I will keep you updated on all newsworthy articles of information.