As most of you know, the world economic state is in turmoil at best and disastrous on the other end of the spectrum. The head of the Federal Reserve Board, Mr. Ben Bernanke, hinted recently of an eight year recession period. Personally, I believe we could rid the world of all economic oppression if mankind deals with its penchant for greed. For many years now, we have been working under severe constraints because of this condition in the process of creating a new generation that rises up and becomes mighty children in the land. As the songwriter put it so many years ago: WE’VE COME THIS FAR BY FAITH, LEANING ON THE LORD… I have also learned that leaning does not necessarily mean staying quiet, but as one man of God stated to me back in the 1960’s:”Philip, you need to let your requests be made known not only to God, but also to man.” Another lesson is  that God's economic stimulation pattern is diametrically opposed to man's economic prognostications and methodologies.


Therefore, let me paint this picture for you. Our personal income has never been an issue to us and I for one will never make this an appeal, but for us the work is the main concern here as we minister to over 2000 impoverished children with very limited tools to get the harvest of precious children into the kingdom of God. The Muslim community out here, is very dedicated to their faith, and seemingly has endless resources to winning the hearts and minds of the children in this country to their cause. We want to make an even more urgent appeal and in that regards, the time is ripe even as we speak to make a massive difference in our children’s lives.


Let me explain. At the moment (beginning of June), the rand-dollar exchange rate is at $1 fetching just around 8.40 rand (quite a bit down from a couple months ago), which still keeps registering the highest rates we have seen in the past couple of years. Unfortunately, the price of gas (petrol for the South Africans and British) has gone up give times in recent months and at that time we were paying just over $4 more per/tank than we were previously and that is for a small car. Currently, we are paying just over $8.00 per/USA gallon. As you can see, life is much more expensive out here than anybody can imagine. When petrol (gas) goes up, everything else goes up incrementally in a whiplash effect. We have had big gas price increases each month now since the beginning of the year and all we can say is that our hope is in God.


On a positive side, with the VERY high exchange rate, now is the perfect time to garner any and all resources to once and for all get the kitchen property LIFE Community Services has occupied since 2002, and purchase it outright, thus relieving that pressure which has been taking up so much time to motivate. Currently again, the difference between two months ago and now is that where then we would need to raise the amount of approximately $240,000, we now only need to raise $250,000. This is why we are asking people to become engaged, as we feel this year going forward we must go out and forthrightly make our appeal to the hearts of the people we know.


Let me be direct and candid - when Maryna and I came here 11 years ago, we did not come to do an outreach, but to be the servants who could with God's grace available, be the catalysts as stated earlier for the starting of a new generation being raised up who will become MIGHTY CHILDREN IN OUR LAND. The word He gave us to send us on our way was from Psalm 8:1,2. Today, almost three thousand children have been impacted in this endeavor and we do not even use the word outreach even though technically it is, but is more succinctly an "inreach". I can assure you that this has been done on a threadbare budget, but God has kept us moving forward and upward by faith in He who has begun a good work and WILL complete it.


When I laid the foundation for the Eden Leadership Foundation, we had no resources financially but God gave me a car which was kindly donated to me by a true man of God I honor with all my heart as it was done sacrificially with no strings attached and perfectly represented what his life is all about. Along the way, God raised up another young man represented above who has faithfully given $1500 a month for the past two years now and during that period of time, we have been able to impact 35000 children in this region ensuring that mighty children are indeed becoming a reality. Therefore, this appeal - we need to double that budget immediately just to retain the ability to keep the current doors open for the kingdom of God and to give the ability to become more mobile. To operate on $1500 a month and do what we are doing is nothing short of miraculous, but it leads to this statement : I NEVER CEASE TO BE AMAZED AT HOW SO MUCH IS BEING DONE BY SO FEW WITH SO LITTLEThe way it can be explained, is that now you understand how great and faithful is our God, who through His Son Jesus is expressing Himself so mightily on behalf of those who trust Him. I am asking you to partner with us in this great vision to impact millions of children in this land and continent and through this web site, you can make that happen. Acknowledgement either private or public will be given whatever is your preference, and there can also be a tax benefit if you live anywhere in Europe, USA or South Africa. If you live in a country where you need a tax break and church giving qualifies for this purpose, then you can direct it through your church to this Foundation.  I look forward to your soon response.




Our home pastor, Bishop Joseph Garlington has crystallized a potent truth with this statement: THE OPPORTUNITY OF A LIFETIME ONLY EXISTS DURING THE LIFETIME OF THE OPPORTUNITY. In light of that, you can take advantage of an opportunity which is in fact a celebration. On the 10th of December 2011, LIFE Community Services had a tenth anniversary concert here in George to give honor to the Lord for all the great things He has done over these past years, and our own Idols winner in 2010, Elvis Blue brought his whole band giving an amazing concert in an event designed to make further appeal to the people of this region to become partners in the progress LIFE is making by the grace of God in this area.  Elvis worked with us here long before he went into the contest in 2010, and we are only too grateful that he is making LIFE his main support group. If you would like to give any financial support as a way of celebrating the ministry of LIFE, just utilize the facilities attached to this sight. Many precious lives will be impacted by your sacrificial giving. Thanks for taking consideration of this request as we labor together for the advancement of God’s kingdom here on earth as it is in heaven.




This year, on Thursday evenings at 8 pm Central African Time, we have started another series which will last for the whole year, called THE NECESSITY FOR DIVINE WISDOM on my program NO MORE POVERTY and this will be a very penetrating and illuminating period of time. We will be addressing and even debating if necessary, what true wisdom is all about with people who have demonstrated a capacity for taking divine initiatives from the heart and wisdom of God. Topics like this, as you can see, are extremely vital to a dynamic exchange of ideas and of course, and we want it all centred on the the person and work of Jesus Christ as outlined in the Word of God. For those of you in the USA, you can tune in from 2 to 3 pm EDT so you can get an idea of the time difference and from the Far East and Oceania, it will be the following morning. You can simply get online with your computer by tuning in to: and go to the live streaming icon on the site and if you do not get on automatically, instructions will come up on your screen to give you indication on how to link up. I can tell you, that this program will invite much discussion, but it is a totally appropriate issue which needs to be addressed from what God says and not what man dictates. Please keep on spreading the word about the program and let us have a world-wide development of wisdom under the banner of Jesus Christ.