I also spent some time with my lawyer a while back, who incidentally does all of our work pro bono (gratis), and he is now satisfied that we have met the requirements to become a Public Benefit Organization, which for all South Africans means that you can give to Eden Leadership Foundation with the knowledge that 14% of your donation is a tax write-off. There are other benefits as well, but I want to encourage you to become a partner in what God is doing here as you can see in reading further on in this page. It strikes me that the numbers we quote below can actually multiply magnanimously if we just had some more people come on board financially and for those people in the EU nations and the USA reading this, there is a financial vehicle in place there also to bless particularly the children of this region, and we are actually filling out forms at present to make it easier for people in the USA to receive more of a benefit for assisting us to bring in the harvest that is so ripe even as we speak.