I want to express my extreme gratitude to the Lord for supplying a very thrifty and utilitarian vehicle for our purposes here. It is a seven-seater Nissan Grand Livina, and is just what the doctor ordered for our ever-increasing needs. I also want you to specifically pray going into this year of 2013, that we can have our long anticipated travel budget met of $20000. We believe that the time of harvest is now, and in order to bring in the harvest, resources are necessary to bring that into fruition. We have seen first hand what happens when ministries of a dynamic nature like ours have been released to travel, and they go from strength to strength wherever there is a high sense of accountability.  Now IS the time for discovering, developing and delivering mighty children into this world and I am asking for you to give us these tools to bring that about. You can go to the "contact us" icon above to communicate to us your intentions, and I believe that God is stirring your hearts even as you read this appeal. You can also go to the "Donations" icon where a facility is waiting to receive whatever size gift you feel you can make. After doing that, just notify me and I will arrange a tax certificate for you if you live in the USA, Europe or South Africa. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.