As the coming of the Lord draws nearer and the challenge of the end-time harvest for the kingdom of God becomes personified in us, we have realized the necessity for laboring in prayer even greater than ever. We have also seen an increase in the forces of darkness trying to bring destruction in myriads of ways, and it has given ample ammunition for us to realize that Satan realizes he only has a short time to go. Our response is critical at this time as we also realize that God wants us to stay busy until He comes back and part of that is taking care of the orphans of which several hundred are children we work with every day.

I realized recently, after all we went through with the diversity of battles that I need to make a plea for people to become part of a great prayer army making intercession and running prayer interference against the forces striving to hold us back and destroy if they can. Would those of you who read this please take this request under serious consideration and if you or someone you know could commit yourself to earnest and effectual prayer, please notify by writing me at:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . I will be sure to keep you regularly informed of what needs to be dealt with in prayer and will also maintain steady updates on this web site.


I have discovered that it is never wise to make decisions or even strongly believe something until what I call the 2 Corinthians 13:1 principle is activated, particularly when a person is making momentus decisions. A word came recently (which I believe is a true word), and I will work out that word when confirmation of that word is received as the Scripture clearly states, that "every word shall established by two or three". Basically, the message was that a deep well had been dug and that even though it was taking long for the bucket to reach the top, with patience, the full blessing would become manifested. This word has matured in significance over recent times as another prophetical word was spoken about ancient wells which were hidden that are now coming into use which once again speaks of resources that can be drawn from for much blessing. In these, the closing days of time as we know it, God is going to show His people where to find these multi-faceted resource wells even as it happened so often for the prophets of old in the book of Genesis, particularly in chapters 21 and 26, It is becoming increasingly apparent since my trip to the USA that part of these ancient wells are there, and I would not have been able to understand that until I went back.


There is also a move afoot in the near future for a travel budget to become reality which has become of paramount importance going forward. You can make that a matter of cohesive, comprehensive and concerted prayer on our behalf and I am reminded of the early apostles having perfect freedom to move into the whole known world proclaiming and demonstrating the good news of Jesus. This has become an encouragement for us to believe that we can also have this liberty in order to promote what God is doing for His kingdom work right here in our midst. I thank you in advance for standing in agreement with us over this request. Also received word recently that something is moving about this request, so please stay engaged with heaven over this pressing issue. One ministry in particular I have seen operating send their leader on frequent journeys and when he comes back their projects are taken care of. The reality of ministry today is that mobility is a treasure opening doors for the kingdom of God.

God is challenging His church as never before to become so in love with Him that we will most naturally hear His commands and specific instructions as to how we can conduct our lives in abandonment to His complete revelation for these glorious days. This is definitely not Satan's finest hour, but is most assuredly the time described in Scripture as the "Day of the Lord". Keep looking up beloved. Our full and complete redemption is indeed becoming more and more of a reality each and every day.