Philip DeVries

PO BOX 1671, George, 6530
Phone : 076 676 9192
Fax : 044 884 1134

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Philip DeVries is a resident of South Africa for 28 years, but from his accent you will recognize that his roots are from the USA.
He has been actively involved in community service for all of his adult life, and promotes the strong belief that faith without works is dead.
For almost fourteen years, he and his wife Maryna have been involved with the development of LIFE Community Services in the city of George, and have spearheaded the building of ten Care Centres for impoverished children in the hardest hit parts of the city.
Emphasis has always been on the total development of the children creating a platform of service through pre-school training, Back to School campaign, Bible-based curriculum, life skills training, 40 000 meals a month and most of all through the love of Christ, giving each child love, dignity and respect. Over 2000 children frequent the Care Centres 4 times a week, and the goal is to reach over 15000 children in this same manner in the next few years.
About a third of the children have no parental influence in their precious lives, and the current push is to create a Children’s Village to accommodate this crisis. Children also need a future and a hope, and business plans are being developed to accommodate this under what is now called LIFE ENTERPRISES.
Accordingly, the EDEN Leadership Foundation has been established which Philip is driving, and is affiliated with the Leadership Foundations of America, Asia and Africa.
Philip can also be heard via live audio streaming at, each Thursday evening in South Africa at 8 – 9 pm CAT and during Eastern Standard Time in the USA from 1 – 2 PM. This program is called No More Poverty.