MAKING EDEN AS FAMOUS FOR GOD AS IT IS FOR TOURISM



WHILE WE ARE WHAT THE BIBLE DESCRIBES AS SOJOURNERS ON PLANET EARTH, WE ARE CALLED TO FIRSTLY BE USEFUL WITH WHAT HAS BEEN GIVEN TO US AND TO INSURE THAT TIME AS WE KNOW IT IS LIVED IN THE LIGHT OF ETERNITY. Spectator time is over and now is the era and specific period when we must rally round our Great Captain, Jesus Himself and get our heart, authorization and modality directly from what we know to be the throne of God. My ministry theme going forward into this year is EXPLORING THE WIDE SCREEN IN 2015, and interpreted means that abandoning a limitation type mentality is and must be a thing of the ancient past. We are pressing on the upper way with new heights being gained every day.




MENTORING – At the beginning of the year, we accepted the challenge for more meaningful mentoring, and we can report that that this field of endeavour has grown with great elasticity and enthusiasm. For most of the year, I have been working with hand-picked men in particular of varying ages with a view to encourage them in their entrepreneurial and emotional development as well. These are individuals who are showing that they are keen to take their place in our community and assume responsibility for their growth personally and corporately. This has included skills training but has also fostered deeper relationships. Mentoring has been infinitely more complex, intricate and specialized in 2014 and I personally look forward to walking more strategically with specifically younger men who are keen on being developed for business leadership in 2015. 


FRIENDSHIP DEVELOPMENT – In 2014, we have been establishing key links with some regional business leaders we have learned to trust locally, regionally, and internationally.  New synergies have been forged and formulated and we also know now going forward who are the main people in our city and region that are truly committed to a process of vision development and kingdom expansion and creative transformation.


WEB SITE – Those of you reading this report on our web site can readily see that it represents very well-thought out and articulate concepts and thanks must go to Optimum Solutions who have given us such sterling service. You will see their link throughout the web site and I encourage you to visit them. Many changes have been made this past year and more will be made going forward to make us more cutting edge and  I am also thrilled to state that in our fifth year as a web site, we had literally thousands of hits from the four corners of the world. Special contacts have also been made through the site and we want this year to literally see 100’s of thousands of hits at what is now a new web address @:


UNITY INITIATIVE – Without unity, there is no real progress, but our efforts this past year have been more subterranean than visible which we believe will have a far more pronounced transformational complexion going forward.


FREE OFFICE SPACE – The immense value that DIE KANTOOR has once again brought into my life in 2014 has been inestimable and many healings, revelations and meaningful functions have sprung from this service which would cost literally 10’s of thousands of rand per annum. I have now completed 5 years in this magnificent facility. Thanks to Kerk 24/7 and my friends Japie Breedt and Michael Lint in particular for this gigantic assistance. It has been a total pleasure sharing this space with you and as we go into 2015, we will probably be facing the reality of moving office but look back on all this beautiful office suite has provided. Thanks also for my confidant and friend Willem Badenhorst and to Ina van Rensburg for the invaluable service she provides in addition to her dear husband Alwyn  (also on the Board of Eden Leadership Foundation) who has joined us in the office to exercise his skills from our complex. What a blessing he has been.


RADIO PROGRAMS HEIGHTENING COMMUNITY TO FOUNDATION – For seven years now, I have been blessed to have a radio program called NO MORE POVERTY, where we address all issues relating to poverty, and not just finance. This has also been a free service and is listened to in many parts of the world through live streaming at: every Thursday 9 – 10 pm Central African Time. Please pray with me about the continued development of this program as if we move forward with it another year, then we need more dynamic and timeous production ideas.


SPECIAL THANKS –  This has been a year of famine financially to be absolutely real, and I just want to thank Life Community Services for filling in the gap somewhat through the daily discipline of driving children from school to the Champions AfterCare Centre which is housed on the same site as the Life offices.


BUYING SOME OF MY BOOKS ELECTRONICALLY – My first book was published called SOARING LIKE EAGLES back in 2010 and it chronicles the development and philosophy behind the exquisite and excellent work LIFE Community Services is accomplishing by raising up a new generation of impoverished children to become all that their hearts could ever dream of under the banner of Jesus. This book can be purchased as an e-book on our ELF web site at:  I am also going to re-print this book in a new format in the future and with some updates. Five more books are now finished and when the time is right, they also will be published, and I encourage you to please support the foundation through the purchasing of these books electronically. One of the books I am currently writing is an action thriller and I trust that it will become the basis for a script and subsequent movie that is made to give honor to God for His hand of mercy over us. It is based on a true story and will make for riveting reading when it is released. At this stage, I cannot give you the title for obvious reasons, but I am trusting that the other four books I have written will also be released in 2015.




LIFE – I am very proud to relate to LIFE Community Services these past fourteen years as my wife Maryna and I took this fledgling movement by the grace of God to where we can now state, it provides a critical mass of influence in this community.  For more about what has been going on, please let me urge you to visit the LIFE web site at:, for a clear understanding of what is God’s mandate to the impoverished children in our midst.

POLITICAL CAPITAL – We continue to reach out to the political leaders of our city and that has actually given them a confidence which we know will produce further cooperation with meaningful projects in our community.


CHILDREN’S VILLAGE - This represents the apex of all our planning and inspiration over many years and are thrilled to relate to the development of this by the communication existing between the founders of the LIV Village in KwaZulu, Tich and Joan Smith and ourselves. You can see their link on our web site and we are still trusting that this ambitious project will be released in 2015 to bring divine enablement to hundreds of children just in our own context and ultimately to the hundreds of thousands and even millions throughout this continent.

You will be hearing more about this during this year and much of our efforts will be in this direction as there is no greater challenge than addressing the orphan dilemma in our midst. We are also only too thankful for the development of the “Home from Home” concept in our region as well, which registers a cooperation between them and Life Community Services and accordingly a home has been purchased which is now housing  7 beautiful children. Once again, please see the Life web site about this

EDEN LEADERSHIP FORUM – Even though The Forum has been quite dormant for a considerable space, in 2015 we envisage this becoming quite a regular feature again as new ideas have sprung for some very interesting leadership friends resulting in a positive plan going forward.   We will continue to get the shakers and movers in our region who take seriously the Scripture stating that the knowledge of the Lord will fill ALL the earth as the waters cover the sea.  We will be making strides in consistent unfolding of this dynamic and please pray that it becomes a total catalyst for immense dialogue among leaders of heart and soul who want transformation to break loose in our communities.


EDEN INSTITUTE OF PUBLIC POLICY – We are forecasting through our networking having a public policy institute, which by nature will be a Christian, unbiased think tank to assist policy makers in the decisions they are making to positively affect our area. With the bridge building we have been doing over the years, we believe we are eminently qualified to turn the hearts of those in power towards the things that please the Father heart of God. This will then become the Eden Institute of Public Policy and expect that 2015 will see this become a firm, consistent and compassionate undertaker of sound, wise and balanced thinking causing our region to be infiltrated by righteous decision making. This roll-out is becoming more critical as we develop and some informal discussions are underway effecting policy to our communities.

TCD – We are busy conceiving a concept at the moment which is gaining acceptance in many quarters including regional governing bodies, called the TOTAL COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT project. It is too complex to explain in this document, and can be e-mailed if requested, but the essentials are that as we work for greater unity in the body of Christ, we will quite naturally be equipped to find a unity of purpose which will tackle the problem of unemployment and give a future and a hope to the children who can never make it to college but can make excellent workers when they graduate from high school.  Proposals have been faithfully submitted for a roll-out of sorts in 2015.


EDEN FOREIGN AFFAIRS FORUM - Many people have been in an isolated scenario for far too long, and with the plethora of leaders both national and international coming to our region, we are perfectly placed to open up leadership in particular to what understanding is about. We envisage this become an even greater and more strategic presence here going forward into 2015.  


EDEN FOOD BANK TRUST – 2014 has seen a growing problem of starvation among our children addressed again and in cooperation with a man I have walked with for many years, Johan Claasen, the trust has given vital and holy expression to this initiative.  We can now state that over 14 tons of food is now distributed in our city through this effort, and we give the Lord ALL the glory. We cannot wait for this initiative to double and even triple during 2015. 




RADIO STATION – I referenced my own radio programs under another heading. This has also increased my exposure to the community and has also given me a platform to reveal what we are striving to do with the Foundation. Going forward into 2015, we will be sharing different peoples stories of struggle and the overcoming of adversities. Please follow us each Thursday evening anywhere in the world at 8 to 9 pm Central African Time by going to the live streaming icon


ENCOURAGE FINANCIAL STAKEHOLDER INVOLVEMENT – This has been a year of building stronger relationships with the existing board of ELF and with potential prospective members also. From this vantage point, we are seeing financial value being developed as well as different leaders promoting the Foundation in vicarious ways.


CONTINUE WITH WHAT IS WORKING – There are certain components that we are quite confident about keeping on a fast track, and that has been quite clear from what has been written in this report. Our business instincts are mega-charged kicking in for entrepreneurial purposes in 2015, but we are also looking forward to our continued growth of relationship with our brother and sister Foundations all over this continent and around the world. We have had powerful workshops in 2014 with our co-laborers in the Foundation movement in our continent and elsewhere, and we have grown in many ways accordingly because their confluence of good business practices is only making us wiser.

GREATER ABILITY TO TRAVEL – As it was in 2014, we press into 2015 knowing that travelling opens doors for resource gathering as people and groups today want hands-on experience with those who are receiving the largesse of their hearts. They are increasingly sceptical about the multitude of proposals they receive and in our context have been burned so many times that nothing less than direct contact will do. I am therefore looking earnestly for a travel budget for this year of approximately $20000 initially. We need to be liberated even more to present ourselves under the anointing of God to make representation on behalf of the children God is raising up as a new generation loving Jesus with all their hearts. In 2013 we had a marvellous stretched out period of time strengthening our ties with family members in the USA and with our donor base but it needs to happen again in 2015. 

ANNUAL GOLF DAY – Our region has some of the greatest golf courses in the world including the course that hosted the 2003 President’s Cup, THE LINKS. We are working on major sponsorships for another golf day in 2015, and please give us backing when it becomes a reality.  More about that will be forthcoming on the web site as it unfolds throughout the year.




Moving forward – we are basing the activities of the Foundation on three emphases this coming year. Firstly, we are tackling the dilemma of joblessness through the registration of a new non-profit company and in my discussions with financial planners and legal people we are strongly encouraged that we are on the correct and inspired pathway. Secondly, food security and starvation continues to plague particularly the children of our region, and we have given incentive and provide backing accordingly to the Eden Food Bank initiative. The third emphasis is property development which I must be discreet about at the moment, but when more concrete decisions are made, you will be totally informed. 


Philip DeVries




EDEN Leadership Foundation