Eden Leadership Foundation has been conceived to be a good faith conduit between the back-line of academic, spiritual, social and financial resources and the coalface of dynamic, resourceful and accountable ministries in the community making a difference in people who want to break an impoverished lifestyle.

This vision calls for an unambiguous support through ELF making it possible for ministries of proven integrity to be relieved from the endless pursuit of finding support of any kind, releasing them for their all-important loving service to be thoroughly energized. The lack of support has been a noose around too many ministry necks. We believe that we are in a unique position to provide an inspired and well-planned solution to societal dilemmas in our region. A study done in the USA a few years ago clearly and unequivocally proved that Leadership Foundations show greater signs of development in smaller cities than in larger cities. As a developing city and region, we are in total symmetry with this conviction.     

Our goal is to give particular attention to the poor, the vulnerable and marginalized by serving as a civil and spiritual catalyst to bring about a renaissance of the human spirit within communities of need through the power of Christ’s indwelling Holy Spirit.





For the past seven years, business, church leaders and to some degree government leaders have been reaching out to each other. Some of these relationships have become very deep rooted, while others are still in the formative stage. In the midst of these relationships has arisen the desire to birth the EDEN Leadership Foundation. This has been an on-going development, but there has been no artificial attempt to start another organization so-to-speak, but rather to establish deep friendships, trust and like-mindedness, which everyone understands is more important than the development of a good idea.






In these significant times, the importance of working behind the scenes has become greater and it is my conviction that this is why Jesus differentiated between being the light of the world which is obvious, and being the salt of the earth which is more subtle. Increasingly, what drives me is being the salt of the earth as relationship is far more powerful than outreach and has long-lasting results. This has become the ethos of the Foundation and our prayer is that we will continue to have a greater ability to penetrate and motivate people through godly actions to become more mobile for the kingdom of God.