Eden Leadership Foundation is aptly named as it is derived from being in the center of the Eden District, so described because it is in one of the most beautiful areas on planet earth. The Foundation has been carefully structured to address the social, spiritual and physical pain in this paradise.

Even though the Foundation work is to connect resources with needs, we have stated that our primary initial goal is to connect leaders. The avenue we have activated that is through one-on-one contact systematically, and the gathering of small groups together on an informal basis. Most recently, we are addressing the dilemma of unemployment, particularly among the younger generation through a cooperative with government and quasi-government groups called LIFE ENTERPRISES. This is designed to stimulate and release small business development through strategic planning but mostly by identifying strategic players. A recent development arising from this is called EDEN FOOD BANK where the critical issue of food security is being dynamically addressed with all members of the business and church community. In that regards, we walk with business leaders who care to become engaged in this mentoring process. I am also pleased to state that we are now officially registered as a trust in this land which means we can now open for the business of addressing forthrightly the starvation problem we are constantly confronting in our midst. Thanks also to our attorneys for all the able work done with such high value attached to it and it was rendered pro bono. People like this are hard to find these days and we are only too grateful.


As resources accumulate, Eden Leadership Foundation will identify authentic groups from what we call the “communities of need”, and will become the benefactors for properly motivated requests for funding. It will then be incumbent upon them to give monthly reports of what the blessing is actually doing.

We are also hosting and connecting leaders of significance to promote the economic development of this region. This is giving rise to another part of the vision of ELF, becoming the catalyst for what we will call the EDEN Institute for Public Policy, which is designed to become a local think tank on issues affecting our region. We are also in a position to utilize our network for what we call the EDEN FOREIGN AFFAIRS FORUM. This is designed to break the logjam of small-minded thinking prevalent in our region and make interested people become aware of the real world we live in.


(Non Profit Organisation Registration # 014-525; Public Benefit Organisation # 930038084)



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